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AGM: Unfinished Business Joe & Liam are Friends & Conquistadors Cheekykita: Somewhere in the Ether Joe Jacobs: Ripe Darren Walsh: S'PUN Julie Jepson: Randomonium Donal Coonan: Mr Grebe is Taking Your Class Today Lamb Chops Duker & Henderson: Soph Opera Lambs to the sLaughter If You Lived Here You'd Be Ian Lane By Now Sooz Kempner: Sooz on Film Gould & McCarthy: Death, Goth, Kittens... Walsh & Simmons: Punel Show

AGM: Back in Business

Like gags? Want a proper laugh? AGM last year’s runners-up of the Fringe Guru 2015 Audience Choice award are 'Back In Business'. With one-liners, stories, puns and jokes aplenty. AGM are Steve Adams: Married with kids and really feeling his age, making you laugh despite his misfortunes. Colin Galletly: Master of the one-liner, providing a blizzard of jokes, from the clever, to the silly, to the downright surreal. Johnny Murph: Mild-mannered man of mirth with child-like enthusiasm and silliness.


Saturday 21 May, 3-4 Jun 8.30pm


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Athena Kugblenu: Reality Check

BBC New Comedy Award finalist Athena Kugblenu has an opinion on everything. Listen to her unique take on the landscape of Great Britain and the world today. Have we progressed? Are things really getting better? Whether you agree or disagree, her astute mind and savvy observations will have you laughing out loud at the absurdity of it all.

"An intelligent set that managed to be both easily accessible and playful and still say something serious" ( Bruce Dessau)



Saturday 21, 28 May, 4 Jun 7pm


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Sheraz Yousaf: The Pursuit of Manlyness

What if you were taught how to be a man? But you weren't yet a man. So you untaught yourself, and then you learned again from someone else, and they were also wrong.

So you decided to read a book about it. And then look on the internet. And then went to something where there were other men. And they told you how to be a man. What kind of man would you be?

"A confident and extremely likeable performer with a wealth of unique and endearing humour" (Dave Arnold Nights)


12-14 May 9pm

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Brighton's very own Joe Foster (Winner of Foster's South Coast Comedian of the Year 2015) presents his debut full length work-in-progress stand-up show.

**** (ThreeWeeks)

"He tells them well, with an off-hand wit" (Chortle)

"Tightly written and very funny material" (Latest 7)



21, 27-28 May 9.30pm

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Joe Foster: Joe Foster's Best Summer Ever

Ignacio Lopez: Ignacio's Greatest Hits

Ignacio Lopez provides a wonderfully witty look into life in Britain through the eyes

of an exotic outsider. Experience the sharp observations, sarcastic one liners and

hilarious songs of 'Spain's Best Export' in a truly unique standup comedy show.

Ignacio’s Latin persona allows him to make some very astute and hilarious comments about his life in the UK to great effect in a show that has entertained audiences across the UK, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and the US.


Lamb @ Nowhere Man 21 May 7.30pm

Lamb @ Craft Beer Co. 19-20 May 7pm

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Jacob Hatton: Fantasist

"Narnia isn't real. You're not related to 'Puss' from Puss in Boots." Join Jacob for an evening of stand-up and sketches with one very confused man. In collaboration with the Soho Young Theatre Company, and directed by Scott Barnett, catch one of the UK's rising improv comedy stars in his first solo show.


13, 27-28 May 7.30pm



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Lost Voice Guy: Disability for Dunces

Can you really not talk? Have you considered an exorcism? Are you just in it for the parking? Have you ever tried talking, just to see what happens? How do you have sex? Seriously, can you not talk at all?

These are just a few of the bizarre questions that BBC New Comedy Award Winner Lost Voice Guy gets asked on a regular basis. Now he's decided to answer them all for you in his new show. Think of it as being like a disabled FAQ for stupid people.


2-4 Jun 9pm

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Matt Banks & Fraser Geesin: Dunce Tank


Following their smash hit 2014 show, 'Dinner Dance on Douglas Mountain', Matt Banks and Fraser Geesin are back with 'Dunce Tank!'

This chaotic hour of games, awful songs and confusion is guaranteed to open your heart, make you weep with joy, and help you get ahead in business.

Matt: "Strange nonsense, indeed, and presented with a weird charm" (Chortle)

Fraser: " Cracking gags turning on a smart use of language" (Chortle)


26-28 May 8pm

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Luke Stephen: Commit No Nuisance

After 32 years, Luke Stephen has discovered he comes with his very own self-destruct button, & far too often he decides to hit it. He wowed audiences at Brighton & Edinburgh Fringe '15 with his debut show, and returns with his unique style to explore his uncanny ability to mess up a good thing, and his inability to stop himself from falling into the social traps he sets. This show is a look into why he, his friends, & society all try but fail to Commit No Nuisance. **** (Everything Theatre)


14 May, 3-4 Jun  9.30pm

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Lamb Chops/ Lambs to the S-Laughter

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Jane Postlethwaite: Made in Cumbria

Jane Postlethwaite brings her sell-out solo show 'Made in Cumbria' back to Brighton Fringe. She'll introduce you to a selection of dark female characters welcoming you into their unique world. Funny Women & Squawker Awards Finalist 2015.

"Surprisingly dark Cumbrian observational commentary" (Latest Magazine)

"Bloody brilliant. Loneliness & breakdown has never been funnier!" (Julian Caddy MD, Brighton Fringe)

''Fascinating & compelling. A wonderfully entertaining experience'' (Fringe Review)


13-14, 27-28 May 8.30pm

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Peter Dobbing: Armchair Futurologist III

Multiple comedy competition finalist Peter Dobbing's last two shows brought you bitcoins, edible insects and virtual reality. Come and see what the Armchair Futurologist has in store for you in 2016... and beyond! Totally accessible and very funny.


14 May, 3-4 Jun 7.30pm

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Viv Groskop: Be More Margo

Following her sold-out 5* Edinburgh debut "Say Sorry To The Lady", comes Funny Women finalist Viv Groskop's brand new work-in-progress about snobbery, class, Britishness and The Good Life, fuelled entirely by gin. Should we be classless now that we're 'all in it together'? Or is it time to reassert our inner reactionary and Be More Margo?


"Very funny" (Omid Djalili)

"My favourite new act" (Lucy Porter)


19-21 May 8pm

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Lamb Chops - Expect stand-up gold from the cream of the crop - our favourite performers from across all of this year's Brighton Fringe venues entice you in. If you only go to one stand-up show this year, make it this one! Or the next night. Two nights only.  7 May 8pm, 29 May 4pm


Lambs to the s-Laughter showcases the very best of new comedy talent from around the UK. We want to share our favourite new acts with you in this hour of new material from up-and-coming comedians. What more could you want?! 27 May, 3 Jun 7pm

Jane Postlethwaite: The House AGM BIB TN Athena Kugblenu RC TN Sheraz Yousaf TN Joe Foster WIP TN Ignacio Lopez Spain's Best Export - small Jacob Hatton TN LeeRidley DFD TN V2 Fraser and Matt DUNCETANK TN Luke Stephen CNN TN Jane P MIC TN Peter Dobbing ACF TN Viv Groskop BMM TN Tom Ward SCV TN

Tom Ward: Sex, Snails & Cassette Tapes

BBC New Comedy Award finalist Tom Ward is here in Brighton! Join him as he spins tales of his favourite unsung heroes into a dreamlike narrative of voice and sounds! Featuring deeply personal and heartfelt impressions of: kettles, Casio keyboards, Jools Holland's drunken home life, friendly perverts, misunderstood racists, carpet salesmen and many more faces you'll recognise from your daily struggles. "Fine writing... memorable" (Chortle)

"Hilarious and bizarre" (Evening Standard)


26-28 May 9pm


Buy Tickets Joe Graeme Dave MIDLTM TN

Joe, Graeme & Dave:

Mummy, I Don't Like Those Men

An insight into the weird worlds of three up & coming Brighton comics, with three very distinct voices: Joe Foster (South Coast Comedian of the Year 2015), Graeme Collard (Max Turner Prize finalist 2015, Laughing Horse New Comedian semi-finalist 2015), and Dave Fensome (SYTYF semi finalist 2015, Laughing Horse New Comedian semi finalist 2015).

This show is guaranteed to ring true with anyone who has looked at life and thought "none of this makes any sense."


2-4 Jun 8pm

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They say 'there's no place like it' and I know it's 'where the heart is' but I don't care - I don't want to go home. We all have to come to terms with the inevitable in life; some struggle, some accept, some even manage to embrace it.

Join Kelly for a bumpy ride through life an on into the dreaded unknown. The destination may be the same but the journey makes all the difference...

"Deliciously unnerving" (The Guardian)

"A classy, enjoyable act" (The Stage)

***** (The Latest)


19-21 May 9pm

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Kelly Kingham: Home

Kelly Kingham TN

Dave Bailey: Beige Against the Machine

'Beige Against The Machine', brought to you by comedian Dave Bailey. If you want to escape all the horrible stuff for about an hour and see a lower middle/upper working class comedian complain about those little insignificant daily annoyances that most people simply don't see & almost certainly don't allow to fester & ruin their days and lives... then this is the show for you.

"Bailey is the one to watch" (The Argus)

"Enjoyable, engaging, with clear talent... good show" (Three Weeks)


12-14 May 8pm

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Fardell & Perry:

110% X-treem Total Adrenaline

Lambs in Sheeps Clothing

Rich Perry (Chortle Student, and SYTYF finalist) joins Dan Fardell "One of the best new joke writers I've seen in ages" (Romesh Ranganathan) for this brand new show.

No show-offy performance skills here; both just love good jokes.

They have no real agenda, other than making you laugh.

If that suits you, please come along.


12-14 May 7pm

Introducing our brand new character comedy show! For one night only, we're playing dress up and bringing you the best in character comedy from Brighton and beyond. From office worker burlesque dancers to manic depressive children's entertainers, you don't know who you're going to meet!


20 May 7.30pm

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